Friday, 4 November 2011

Northern Monkey Gig !

Oh look theres me !
(Northern Monkey poster )

Flippen Nora what a week i've had - one of the worst actually -- first i got burgled and my beloved Cortney ( my guitar ) got nicked - but thankfully i got it back !
My fabulous guitarist had to pull out for this gig at the last minute so i spent the day practicing - i've only been playing guitar for 4 months so i was kacking myself that i had to do the gig myself at Northern Monkey . Normally im a really confident performer - but had to change the set list the night before and just perform the songs that i knew - well knew ISH ! lol

Here's some pictures of the night .

Outside Northern Monkey , Leeds

Just going through a few songs in the side alleyway before i go on.

wish i did'nt have to have the music stand - but i did'nt know the songs too well.
Considering i had to put a 30 minute set together , been burgled , no guitarist and
only played guitar for 4 months myself ...i did'nt do too bad , heard alot of clapping
and cheering plus about 8 people comming up saying "well played " or " gorgeous voice " even a kiss on the hand from the drummer of the other band playing ! So i guess i can't of been that bad eh ?

One of the other Bands playing , with two additional members for one of the songs!
Phil and Nay - they are the promoters and organise the night - They are also fab musicians themselves and joined in on the band .

After the gig - Richard , me , Phil (Twiggy ) Nay

Richard ,Me and Joe ..

Love this pic of Phil and me - i look so derranged!

Da ya know - there's nutters everywhere these days !

Back home - shattered and abit tiddly , just taking my boots off ..

Started to look alittle worse for ware me thinks !
Time for bed - really shattered !

speak soon folks !

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