Monday, 21 November 2011

Well me Mother did warn me !

Above is a piccy of a very progressive heavy metal band "Deadair" they were on the same gig night as me .... and they are really are heavy .... i could'nt resist .... below is a picture of Phil and I headbanging Mother did warn me id feel rough in the morning handbanging like that ...
and ofcourse ....... can't believe im saying this ... she was soooooo right guys !

The gig i did was at Northern Monkey again and this time i had Nay and Phil backing ... had a great night !
did abit of playing of a cajon (for the first time i might add !! haha)
oh and not the thing to play when you have a skirt or dress on !

if you want to know how to make the drum yourself - theres a video at the bottom
of this post x

It was my Grandad Prince's memorial on the gig day and i did'nt want my Nana to be
alone .... so she came to the gig !
Oh look matching tops ! how stylish is that she matches the singer !
good taste obviously runs in the family !

Fancy making your own cajon drum ? theres loads of videos on youtube to
show you how .. heres just one of them

sees ya soon folks - might have something crafty to blog next !

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