Saturday, 19 November 2011

Jam Cafe Live stream ...

Now after all that busking , we all hopped across the road to the Jam Cafe - and it was open mic night there ... so as soon as we defrosted out came the guitars ! Nay and Phil are promotors as well as my backing musicians and they run the Jam Cafe Open Mic as well as getting artists bookings for Venues . Nay decided to get his laptop out and tried to do an impromtu live stream .. but it would only do a few minutes at a time because the connection was'nt strong enough - im not a techie in that department so i've probably got that all wrong ! ha ha !
Heres abit of the live stream -

A little bit of "Valerie " Katy , Phil and Nay are harmonising ,, we had'nt practiced this
just a bit of Jamming together !
theres a 30 second avert - sorry about that but it resumes straight away.. and
sorry its only short - blame the techie !

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