Friday, 25 November 2011

Radio Jcom Session !

Lots of photos and a video on this post so please be patient while it loads x.

Well the other day folks we were at the fab Radio Jcom - if you have never heard of it - its a Jewish Radio Station . I was booked in with my two fab guitarists ( Nay was on bongos actually ) and we headed off to Shadwell in Leeds for an acoustic session and interview for the Lesley Millet show
I have to say we had great fun and they were ultra smashing in the studio ... They sent us the MP3 for the session too . Cool guys there !

This is us lot about to decend on Radio Jcom !

Phil Twig Graham , Nay Harrison , Me ( and the Vera lynn look !) and the very lovely Lesley Millet .

Malcom the brill sound guy - he was really getting into our performance , nodding and really getting into the grove of the song as we were playing..
Thanks to the lovely Barbara also too who attentively supplied me a glass of water throughout
the show x

You can watch the video and hear the session below.....this session was mainly to promote my place at Open Mic Uk .
.. and yes i know that dress does not look good on video lol ... the session has two songs " Sunrise " original song by me and my version of "Smile " cover ... smile is a very sentimental song for me .. i sang it for my Grandad Prince.

Now how much of a compliment was this - Lesley got her ipad out and started video us ! how lovely ! xx
they really liked us all and said we were welcome back anytime ... so we might just take that offer up in a few months !

ooh look we got free Radio Jcom pens too !

A silly moment !
Us lot in the beautiful memorial gardens just comming out of Radio Jcom..
Just finished doing a Video facebook gig announcement here ,
poor Phil was really poorly ( manflu ) lol ..
yes i know we look like something out of the series
" last of the Summer wine " but we were trying out some image looks lol .

Ok so which one of you smelly lads has broken wind !

er...and don't even think of blaming me !!

I knew it ... self confession there from Nay ..
Just waiting for the taxi ..and waiting and waiting ....and waiting that long that ...

We decided to hitch ...
and with a face like that im not surprised we didn't get any takers ! haha ..
Thank goodness the taxi arrived shortly afterwards !

If we look like were having a wicked time - we were - love doing Radio sessions !
Lesley Millet show  - called Today with Lesley 
airing times -
You can hear the session on line here or 1386 (mw ) on your radio
28th Nov - -9.00am ( we at the last 15 minutes of the programme)
29th Nov ( Tues )- 7pm- 8-pm
30th Nov( Wed)- 2pm - 3pm
1st Dec( Thurs) -10 am  - 11 am
4th - Dec (Sun) - 11 am

our next radio sessions are ..

Yorkshire radio session part 2 - details of airing coming soon !
10th January 2012 - Elfm radio - Parlour acoustic session .
1st February 2012 - Almost Famous show - Radio Poplar .

love George - oh please leave a comment would love to know your here xxxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Whoop Whoop on the Radio this morning - listen in !

This was us shattered after doing the Yorkshire Radio interview and acoustic session ... we were up at 5 am that morning ! and its being aired today !

Oh i am so giddy this morning folks - the first in a two part radio session is being aired this morning ... if your a leeds fan its a MUST listen ... if your not a leeds fan please listen anyway as im singing and Nay is on the bongos , Phil on guitar ... Not sure if this part will have my originals aired on , could be next week ... but please listen on the web or on sky ... the link is here ..
Just after 11 am today i believe !!!


Monday, 21 November 2011

Well me Mother did warn me !

Above is a piccy of a very progressive heavy metal band "Deadair" they were on the same gig night as me .... and they are really are heavy .... i could'nt resist .... below is a picture of Phil and I headbanging Mother did warn me id feel rough in the morning handbanging like that ...
and ofcourse ....... can't believe im saying this ... she was soooooo right guys !

The gig i did was at Northern Monkey again and this time i had Nay and Phil backing ... had a great night !
did abit of playing of a cajon (for the first time i might add !! haha)
oh and not the thing to play when you have a skirt or dress on !

if you want to know how to make the drum yourself - theres a video at the bottom
of this post x

It was my Grandad Prince's memorial on the gig day and i did'nt want my Nana to be
alone .... so she came to the gig !
Oh look matching tops ! how stylish is that she matches the singer !
good taste obviously runs in the family !

Fancy making your own cajon drum ? theres loads of videos on youtube to
show you how .. heres just one of them

sees ya soon folks - might have something crafty to blog next !

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Jam Cafe Live stream ...

Now after all that busking , we all hopped across the road to the Jam Cafe - and it was open mic night there ... so as soon as we defrosted out came the guitars ! Nay and Phil are promotors as well as my backing musicians and they run the Jam Cafe Open Mic as well as getting artists bookings for Venues . Nay decided to get his laptop out and tried to do an impromtu live stream .. but it would only do a few minutes at a time because the connection was'nt strong enough - im not a techie in that department so i've probably got that all wrong ! ha ha !
Heres abit of the live stream -

A little bit of "Valerie " Katy , Phil and Nay are harmonising ,, we had'nt practiced this
just a bit of Jamming together !
theres a 30 second avert - sorry about that but it resumes straight away.. and
sorry its only short - blame the techie !

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Oh my giddy aunt ! its far too cold to busk !

I don't know what its like for busking where you live , but busking in Leeds is real big ... lots of singers / muscians have been spotted in Leeds and signed up - just because of busking . So its a fairly in thing to do here .
So one cold , wet and very miserable morning , Phil , Nay , Katy and myself went busking
We took it mostly in turns as it was just so cold ..
I have'nt the pics yet but we had a few joiner iners ! An old guy was stood outside Sainsbury's with a Uke and joined in with us ... A guy on his lunch break ( he was a musician ) from one of the shops joined in on the bongos ! It was cold but fun day !
Heres some piccies ,Phil had to shoot off early so no piccies of him !
Me ( ofcourse !)

(Links are for facebook )
Katy Haymer and Nay Harrison

Us lot !
We sang and waved to the passengers on the busses that had stopped .
We were cold , hungry and in well need of a warm drink, so then went across the road
to the Jam Cafe in Headingley and defrosted to then go on to do some
jamming on a internet live stream !
Busy day !

Friday, 4 November 2011

Northern Monkey Gig !

Oh look theres me !
(Northern Monkey poster )

Flippen Nora what a week i've had - one of the worst actually -- first i got burgled and my beloved Cortney ( my guitar ) got nicked - but thankfully i got it back !
My fabulous guitarist had to pull out for this gig at the last minute so i spent the day practicing - i've only been playing guitar for 4 months so i was kacking myself that i had to do the gig myself at Northern Monkey . Normally im a really confident performer - but had to change the set list the night before and just perform the songs that i knew - well knew ISH ! lol

Here's some pictures of the night .

Outside Northern Monkey , Leeds

Just going through a few songs in the side alleyway before i go on.

wish i did'nt have to have the music stand - but i did'nt know the songs too well.
Considering i had to put a 30 minute set together , been burgled , no guitarist and
only played guitar for 4 months myself ...i did'nt do too bad , heard alot of clapping
and cheering plus about 8 people comming up saying "well played " or " gorgeous voice " even a kiss on the hand from the drummer of the other band playing ! So i guess i can't of been that bad eh ?

One of the other Bands playing , with two additional members for one of the songs!
Phil and Nay - they are the promoters and organise the night - They are also fab musicians themselves and joined in on the band .

After the gig - Richard , me , Phil (Twiggy ) Nay

Richard ,Me and Joe ..

Love this pic of Phil and me - i look so derranged!

Da ya know - there's nutters everywhere these days !

Back home - shattered and abit tiddly , just taking my boots off ..

Started to look alittle worse for ware me thinks !
Time for bed - really shattered !

speak soon folks !