Monday, 31 October 2011

Meeting Nay and Phil...Jam cafe gig ..

After getting through the Open Mic Uk regionals i started going to some other open mic nights in leeds ... I bobbed into the Skyrack open mic and ended up doing some impromtu backing vocals with these two guys - Joe and Phil ...i never met them before , but we sounded really good together .. Phil then booked me for a gig at this new rather trendy and utterly cool private members club called The Jam Cafe in Headingley ..If you have never been - you should go ... great atmosphere there !

I thought it would be great too to do a bit of promotion for my next heat of Open Mic Uk ..
Ansley and i did the gig and Nay the promotor and Phil booked us in for the Acoustic Couch Live lounge stream a week later ! , and i also got booked for the Acoustic Couch tour in Leeds in March - great stuff eh ? We went down really well at the Jam Cafe - all unplugged !
Heres some piccys ... sorry about some of the quality - some where taken from video stills.

Think we were performing "Valerie " cover here - Nay joined in on the bongos ! It sounded really good with them !
This is the Cafe part of the Jam Cafe - How cool is that place !

Top level at Jam Cafe - i had to take my shoes off as i was
having a dodgy knee day !

Ansley had to shoot off , and i stayed for a coke and some cake Yum Yum !

Since i was staying i did an impromtu acoustic at one of the tables ,
just soft and quietly to my mums friends husband who had popped
in for the first time but missed the gig so played him alittle of
"why " one of my originals - now remember im not as good as guitarist as
Ansley and i've only been playing for 4 months , its the end of a long night
so just forgive any mistakes ! ha ha !

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