Friday, 16 December 2011

Open Mic Uk Night .. Dewsbury.

Well guys i did'nt get through the Areas at Open Mic Uk - It was a tough competition and many of the awesome acts didnt make it - including my friend Ashwin Thomas  who i have to say is just brillant  - I have opted out of the national text vote but Ashwin hasn't so if you want to give someone who really deserves to get through on talent a chance  - ~Ashwins your guy and you can vote for him here!  He is under the Dewsbury finals ... please read the bottom of the page where it tells you how much the text costs .

The picture above is one that my friend Jenny took - mum was busy doing the video , so we did'nt get many pictures of me on stage .

Just want to thank EVERYONE who supported me - whether you came to the shows or sent good luck wishes  your my stars in my book and i could not have done it without you all ... I hope you enjoyed the show and its still onwards and upwards for me as many of you know i have some exciting stuff going on at the moment and the singing world has not heard nothing yet guys ! 

Ansley and the beard .... and me ..

some of the gang  after Open Mic Uk 

lots more exciting news to come guys  including some pics of the recording of marching on together and the 
telly interviews !

with love
Georgette Hilton x