Friday, 4 October 2013

Lot of gigs and festivals and reviews -a busy few months !

 Well the summer is very nearly over, the weather is certainly telling me so as the rain is splashing on my windows ! ... Its been a fantastic few months, lots of gigs , festivals and even a new band and duo !
I've updated my blog title picture too . The picture was taken at the Beacons Festival I played at in the summer . I love the photos which Ian Pickles took of me - and i even got a nice little review on the QPO magazine ( its about half way down)

and some fab photos of me in the Beacons gallery .here.

I had a great time at the festival watching the other bands including my good buddy Miss Ellie Coast who has a heavenly voice  and who likes to jump in and busk with me sometimes ( although we do time to lark around busking ,  singing for our own amusement really  !)

I did quite a few festivals this summer and one blogger did a lovely blog post  of me playing The Aire Do Festival - which was infact in a Castle !  So heres his blog post and thank you  Mr Singleton , so glad you enjoyed it ! You can read it HERE .

One bit of exciting news is that I am playing The Cockpit in Leeds on the 10th October (2013) I will be supporting the fabulous Ben Montague . Ben had BBC radio 2 's album or the week a few weeks ago - so im chuffed to bits to be one of his support acts . I shall be performing with a full band and I shall even be doing one  song with my baritone ukulele ! oh yes !!
 If you fancy coming to the gig , please facebook / or email me for tickets - it should be a fantastic night !
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Monday, 28 January 2013

BBC Introducing !

As you can see - i went to the BBC ! Saturday night a week ago I was on BBC  Radio West Yorkshire Introducing doing a live set on the Alan Raw Introducing show - boy was i excited !!  and nervous - it was after all live and its a big deal to get on the Introducing show live sets , I was a very happy bunny !

Ansley ( my guitarist ) as usual doing his usual faces ! This was just in the reception bit .

About to go live - oh my look at my face - it looks like thunder !

 Going live folks !

                                       Ansley , Me and the fab Mr Alan Raw ,
               I  was rather was tempted to nick his suitcase on the side - it was really cool !
Well we talked about music , my aspergers and my album - which is being recorded across the road from the BBC at Leeds Collage of Music . I sang 2 songs - "Open the door " and "frontline" the third track was a recording of Nothing Compares with You we did it in a reggae folk style .I have to say Alan Raw was super nice , I shall put the recording of it up on soundcloud this week sometime ,I was really pleased with it.  I got some really good feedback and some emails from fans too ! What an ace week !

I'm mega excited about the album ,all guitar now has been recorded , the lead vocals  I did during the week and now its the harmonizing vocal I need to do . After that, piano , strings , bass and drums - woooooooooo hoooooo !

 Speak soon folks !

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

News and a new guitar !

Oh i got a new guitar a few weeks ago - this is actually the 4th guitar Ive owned in a year. Its a Taylor guitar and i love it - above is me in Yazoo Guitars in Leeds trying my new addition out .  The sound is really mellow on it and such a difference from my other guitar which was a limited edition Vintage I called it Vienna , although alot of people don't rate Vintage much , mine was pretty good and is so pretty with the carved mountain scene around the sound hole , i've kept the vintage and traded in my old  guitar  I called her Courtney ( yes i always name them !) plus money for the Taylor - but i really think it was worth it .

On the gig news front - had a couple of gigs this week and gigged at a new venue for me - The Roscoe - a well known music venue in Leeds , very cosy feel to it  but not too small  and Nigel the promoter was lovely. Some friends and fans came down and it was lovely to see some guys from The Harp Pub where i sometimes go down to their Irish Jamming sessions and sing /play a few songs -  I got a shock at the gig , one of guys from The Harp that i knew was chatting to me about how great it would be for me to go over to Ireland , and he thought id do well over there , and how his niece is doing really well over there with her music ... well  ... turns out his niece is the fab Orla Gartland !
If you never heard of Orla check her out on google , she sings with real Irish passion and if her music doesn't entertain you her  facial expressions will - she's great , so intense . Never again will i worry about my guitar face i pull sometimes !

This is one of the gigs this week - Hirsts Yard in Leeds .. great little bar with a great atmosphere too - they love a singalong in this pub and i also had two friends playing that night too - Anna and Yelli , it was a great night -  I got booked again to do a headliner there - so i was well chuffed !

Oh i've gotta show you this !! After playing at The Roscoe , Nigel booked me for The Hop in Leeds , played  there before - its under the railway station so every now and then the place rumbles with the Trains ! Anyway i finished the gig and walked up Briggate to get my bus home , I never walk back alone , my mum always comes with me. Apart from the safety aspect she also carries some of the equipment . So we were there walking up , I was carrying my guitar , as i was walking i must have been asked by about 3 groups of people to play for them , but i just said no ------- however the last group i gave in as the guy said it was his birthday --- well im glad i did , if you watch to the end the guys were throwing notes onto my case and putting money in my hand , i only sang a couple of songs and got £20 !
Heres the video of the random busk !. Leeds is such a great place with such great people  !
Thanks guys - i actually used the money to go towards my album recording that i was doing the next day x 

Well i have a few goals this year that i hope to achieve -
1. I wanna go down to London and attend the Summer in the City meet - it looks a fantastic few days were youtubers meet up , many are singers / guitarists /songwriters  that perform at the meet - it looks a great hangout for a few days - check it out on google and youtube if you have never heard of it .

2.Festivals - theres a few i'd like to do -  Summer Saturnalia fest was a great gig for me last year . This year id like to play at some down south and if there was only one i would be well chuffed to do  would be Barn on the Farm - that looks like an awesome festival.

3. Release the album - oh and name it ha ha !

4.Id like to go to Camden and check out the music down there , maybe get a few acoustic gigs there too - might even busk - well why not ?

5. Not to be tempted to cut my fringe again  when im bored and end up gigging with the dodgy fringe look . Ha Ha !!

Well thats just a few for now - my list keeps growing every week- ha ha !

Chow readers ! - Georgette x

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Its been too long !

 Judging by the date of the last post its been over a year since I've blogged - well no more ! My new years resolution is to keep you up to date with all the gossip !

The last year has been more than exciting - so much so that i couldn't possibly put it all in one post . I've done countless gigs / festivals and live interviews and sessions for loads of radio stations released an E.P Age of Innocence - (available on itunes )   which has had some radio play too ! .Since my first ever proper public performance  in October 2011 at the open Mic uk , I've worked incredibly hard  . I still have Ansley play guitar for me at the bigger gigs but I'm mostly playing now myself .I've learned so much about gigging , setting up equipment , sound  and the importance of social media when your trying to get more exposure . Twitter is brill - i get to see all the upcoming festivals before they get advertised , which gives me a great heads up on things. One of the best things is all the friends , fans and contacts you make along the way .

Things have moved pretty fast this last year - i've done loads of songwriting and  I am now recording my first album - not sure what its called yet , haven't come up with a name for it - I'm sure when its finished I'll be inspired to name it !.Well I'll have to really !

You Gotta love busking !

 Me busking in the 100 buskers flash mob - Briggate Leeds
Well i totally love busking ! Its a great way of getting exposure , fans and more gigs and of course the extra money that goes into the guitar case helps pay for any equipment you may need to get and traveling around to gigs is actually really expensive, I don't drive so its a taxi (due to all the equipment ) or a friend of my mums takes me.

. The above photo is me on Briggate Leeds taking part in a charity 100 buskers - this was mental fun ! 100 buskers unplugged lined Briggate in Leeds ( a very long street) and busking for an hour - it was unreal and a great experience.

I've been busking a number of times in Leeds and its been real fun.. If your a singer /musician starting up its a great way to get confidence. My step -dad bought me a roland street cube  amp and its perfect for busking with , not a bad sound , can go really loud , works on batteries too. Theres really too many effects for my needs but i can see it being great for electric guitars . (you can hear what it sounds like on the video below )

I was really surprised how much people actually like hearing my originals and not just covers. I've had a few gigs offered based on playing my originals , its nice to know that people don't just want to hear covers .

This is me busking one of my songs that i wrote that is often a popular one  and a bit different to my normal songwriting....I was inspired to write this after seeing all the war new on the T.V, i began to think how their girlfriends /wife/ loved ones must feel when they go off to fight ... its a love song really.

.Oh this is my new youtube channel , would love you to comment /subscribe to it .- Its great to connect with people.
It was a really really cold day , and i tell ya i really wished i'd worn thermals !

Well ive got a few gigs lined up for January and  February , but not as many as usual as  im recording for my album over the next few months.In fact i spent yesterday in the studio with Ansley getting the final guitar tracks down. If you fancy coming to one of my gigs - please checkout my facebook - were my gigs get updated.or feel free to email me !

speak soon - Georgette x

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Alittle taster of whats on my new E.P ( this post will remain at the top)

This post will remain at the top - please scroll down for newer posts .

Heres just alittle taster of whats on my new E.P comming out soon ... i'l do a post on the recording studio day as soon as i get some piccies ...

Theres 4 tracks on the E.P heres just a sample of 2 of them ... still in its mixing stage !

hope you like and if ya do , please leave a comment - its lonely here ya know ! haha !
ohhhh just a thought if your wanting to be put down for a copy of my new E.P please bob me a
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Friday, 17 February 2012

Photo Shoot and Kroma Make- up night .

 It started off a very cold day and was forecast snow ! I thought my photoshoot would be of snowy scenes , but it was more slush then anything and i couldnt get any in the snow - such a shame. I really needed some photos for press and some for my E.P and single downloads , so Jack Barker , Mum and me headed off to Moortown in Leeds to Kroma make-up Studio for hair and make-up (facebook link here ). We carried a rather large projector screen that was great for white backgrounds - armfuls of clothes and a suitcase mostly containing my wardrobe - well ya never know what you might need at a shoot so i took the lot !!
     This is the fabulous Jay Willey, she owns Kroma make-up studios in Leeds , and ofcourse me -
with no make- up on yet !
These eyelashes are gorgeous - they feather out !

 So there I was , having my make-up done and in walks a guy with his wife ... he was from amazing smiles2, (see links on the right of blog for contact ) a teeth whitening company and had popped in to sort Jay out with one of the teeth whitening machines. He had just come from doing the Towie cast ( Only way is Essex ) and asked if i fancy having a free teeth whitening .. what am i gonna say No ???????  what a lovely surprise !  So i was sat in the middle of  Jays salon looking like i was eating the star ship enterprize - ofcourse usually its more a private affair but the machine was stood in the salon at the time.
I had to wear a gum shield and no none of it hurt - real easy ..
and fetching orange glasses too !
me new best pal - I believe his name is John from amazing smiles2.
 I was really pleased with the results - only took 25 minutes !
Well after that impromtu teeth whitening it was back to make- up .
Jay uses Kroma  mineral make- up - ive really sensitive skin and it just felt gorgeous on .
The eyeshadow sparkled .. and i loved the eyelashes ! Jay also lent me a totally awesome necklace from 
the salon - im wearing it in the photo below !
Here is just one of the photos from the shoot for the download single - available shortly on itunes , cd baby , amazon and more - very shortly !!

for more info on Kroma Uk 
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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Radio Poplar "live" session and podcast !

 Georgette Hilton , Jon and Kris Radio Poplar.

Last week I was the guest for the Almost Famous show at Radio Poplar . I have to say i had an absolute scream - i think everyone did . The presenters Jon and Kris were real funny and probably asked me 
the most random questions i've ever been asked ! 

Just answering a few here ..

 ah i know the answer to that one !

Apparently i was rather funny with the answers and one of the trustees of the radio was there ,
he was in stitches at some of my answers .

Bill Rowe - one of the Radios Trustees.
Poor guy - i hope he recovers !

The show was "live" on air - i do like them ones ! and also was doing a live podcast at the same time .
I took Ansley my guitarist and Jack Barker who takes my photographs - we always have a good laugh.

 I'm singing to the podcast camera here . 

I think im singing one of my new songs here "Chained Love "

The Radio show also has the Chilli Jam Challenge where by you have to eat and survive as long as 
you can with the very hot Ginja Ninja Chilli Jam 
My mum took the challenge and beat Jon the presenter at his own game !
 Jons face just got redder and redder ! It was wicked ! 
thanks to all at Radio Poplar - great night guys !

 There is now a new group for my " Leeds Leeds Leeds " Gary Speed Charity single ,
Please join to keep upto date with news and the release date - dont forget to turn email notifications off as 
its a busy group and you will get loads ! ( look top right on the FB page - settings)

For some of my own original music theres a playlist 
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