Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Alittle taster of whats on my new E.P ( this post will remain at the top)

This post will remain at the top - please scroll down for newer posts .

Heres just alittle taster of whats on my new E.P comming out soon ... i'l do a post on the recording studio day as soon as i get some piccies ...

Theres 4 tracks on the E.P heres just a sample of 2 of them ... still in its mixing stage !

hope you like and if ya do , please leave a comment - its lonely here ya know ! haha !
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click on the why / nobody knows sample to play the track x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Photo Shoot and Kroma Make- up night .

 It started off a very cold day and was forecast snow ! I thought my photoshoot would be of snowy scenes , but it was more slush then anything and i couldnt get any in the snow - such a shame. I really needed some photos for press and some for my E.P and single downloads , so Jack Barker , Mum and me headed off to Moortown in Leeds to Kroma make-up Studio for hair and make-up (facebook link here ). We carried a rather large projector screen that was great for white backgrounds - armfuls of clothes and a suitcase mostly containing my wardrobe - well ya never know what you might need at a shoot so i took the lot !!
     This is the fabulous Jay Willey, she owns Kroma make-up studios in Leeds , and ofcourse me -
with no make- up on yet !
These eyelashes are gorgeous - they feather out !

 So there I was , having my make-up done and in walks a guy with his wife ... he was from amazing smiles2, (see links on the right of blog for contact ) a teeth whitening company and had popped in to sort Jay out with one of the teeth whitening machines. He had just come from doing the Towie cast ( Only way is Essex ) and asked if i fancy having a free teeth whitening .. what am i gonna say No ???????  what a lovely surprise !  So i was sat in the middle of  Jays salon looking like i was eating the star ship enterprize - ofcourse usually its more a private affair but the machine was stood in the salon at the time.
I had to wear a gum shield and no none of it hurt - real easy ..
and fetching orange glasses too !
me new best pal - I believe his name is John from amazing smiles2.
 I was really pleased with the results - only took 25 minutes !
Well after that impromtu teeth whitening it was back to make- up .
Jay uses Kroma  mineral make- up - ive really sensitive skin and it just felt gorgeous on .
The eyeshadow sparkled .. and i loved the eyelashes ! Jay also lent me a totally awesome necklace from 
the salon - im wearing it in the photo below !
Here is just one of the photos from the shoot for the download single - available shortly on itunes , cd baby , amazon and more - very shortly !!

for more info on Kroma Uk 
and for more info on my music - see link below x!/pages/Georgette-Hilton/102655493187909 Georgette Hilton singer / songwriter ...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Radio Poplar "live" session and podcast !

 Georgette Hilton , Jon and Kris Radio Poplar.

Last week I was the guest for the Almost Famous show at Radio Poplar . I have to say i had an absolute scream - i think everyone did . The presenters Jon and Kris were real funny and probably asked me 
the most random questions i've ever been asked ! 

Just answering a few here ..

 ah i know the answer to that one !

Apparently i was rather funny with the answers and one of the trustees of the radio was there ,
he was in stitches at some of my answers .

Bill Rowe - one of the Radios Trustees.
Poor guy - i hope he recovers !

The show was "live" on air - i do like them ones ! and also was doing a live podcast at the same time .
I took Ansley my guitarist and Jack Barker who takes my photographs - we always have a good laugh.

 I'm singing to the podcast camera here . 

I think im singing one of my new songs here "Chained Love "

The Radio show also has the Chilli Jam Challenge where by you have to eat and survive as long as 
you can with the very hot Ginja Ninja Chilli Jam 
My mum took the challenge and beat Jon the presenter at his own game !
 Jons face just got redder and redder ! It was wicked ! 
thanks to all at Radio Poplar - great night guys !

 There is now a new group for my " Leeds Leeds Leeds " Gary Speed Charity single ,
Please join to keep upto date with news and the release date - dont forget to turn email notifications off as 
its a busy group and you will get loads ! ( look top right on the FB page - settings)

For some of my own original music theres a playlist 
here.!/pages/Georgette-Hilton/102655493187909 Georgette Hilton singer / songwriter ...

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Interview with Mark O'Brian - Journalist ! and some release news !!

 Well its all go in the world of Georgie ! last week i had my interview with Mark O'Brian, a freelance Journalist who is doing a story of the Leeds United songs. It was so cold that day that i had to get my vintage fur out !

we had a good chat about it over a soft drink - yep no alcohol ! ... well it was lunch time !
I think this picture was taken as i was talking about my late Grandad Ronnie Hilton .

See soft drinks !! 

 I dont know what newspaper this is going to be in - it may be online im not sure , i don't think its a football paper though.

A big thank you to Jack Barker  also for once again taking the photographs !

If you havent checked  me out on facebook yet , heres my page !!/pages/Georgette-Hilton/102655493187909

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

ELfm Radio Session !

 Well ive had  wicked  week ! Mon i had rehearsals -  Tues I had a radio "live" session with Elfm Radio .. Me and Ansley ( my guitarist ) had a great time and i was really honoured to be their House Artist in the "Parlor" for the evening .
Thanks ELFM -  Nay did some videoing and I took along Jack ... Jack Barker who's a great photographer and who will be joining me on some of my musical and non musical adventures coming up ( and theres some exciting ones !) I've had an a really fantastic week - first there was ELFM , then i did some shopping at a fantastic vintage shop called Pop Boutique in Leeds and met the lovely Katy ,  ( more about that in the next post !) then i had a very exciting phonecall from a make up studio called Korma based in Moortown in Leeds ( more about that on my next blog post !!) and a few emails back and forth from a Record label ( might be bringing some news about that in a month or so so keep your  fingers crossed )  and email from a  journalist who saw my accoustic version of MOT  and would like to interview me ! .. Then i went to Manchester to see Christina Perry Concert ( will post that on another post ) and now im just recovering from the two days ive spent in Manchester ! I've a busy week planned too - Saturday im off to see the gorgeous Jay from Kroma make-up studio in moortown !
Heres the fabulous pictures Jack took from Elfm ! Ansley is great fun as you can see , i get on really well with him .

This is the interview part .. radio's always ask how i started singing ..

The theme of the week was hero's at the station , they asked us who are heros where , heres Ansley comtempleting his answer ...

and heres my shocked look when he annouced it was Jimmy Savile !! OMG Ansley !

Ansley with tissure up his nose ...there is a perfectly good reason for this -- honest .. you could 
hear him breathing so we had to plug him up lol ... its not always a glam lifestyle ya   know !

In the Parlour ..

The Parlour is where the singing took place .
I was singing my new song " Thats Life"

In full action here , must have been belting it out ..

Like i said - i get on really well with Ansley !!

Thats all for today folks !