Wednesday, 18 January 2012

ELfm Radio Session !

 Well ive had  wicked  week ! Mon i had rehearsals -  Tues I had a radio "live" session with Elfm Radio .. Me and Ansley ( my guitarist ) had a great time and i was really honoured to be their House Artist in the "Parlor" for the evening .
Thanks ELFM -  Nay did some videoing and I took along Jack ... Jack Barker who's a great photographer and who will be joining me on some of my musical and non musical adventures coming up ( and theres some exciting ones !) I've had an a really fantastic week - first there was ELFM , then i did some shopping at a fantastic vintage shop called Pop Boutique in Leeds and met the lovely Katy ,  ( more about that in the next post !) then i had a very exciting phonecall from a make up studio called Korma based in Moortown in Leeds ( more about that on my next blog post !!) and a few emails back and forth from a Record label ( might be bringing some news about that in a month or so so keep your  fingers crossed )  and email from a  journalist who saw my accoustic version of MOT  and would like to interview me ! .. Then i went to Manchester to see Christina Perry Concert ( will post that on another post ) and now im just recovering from the two days ive spent in Manchester ! I've a busy week planned too - Saturday im off to see the gorgeous Jay from Kroma make-up studio in moortown !
Heres the fabulous pictures Jack took from Elfm ! Ansley is great fun as you can see , i get on really well with him .

This is the interview part .. radio's always ask how i started singing ..

The theme of the week was hero's at the station , they asked us who are heros where , heres Ansley comtempleting his answer ...

and heres my shocked look when he annouced it was Jimmy Savile !! OMG Ansley !

Ansley with tissure up his nose ...there is a perfectly good reason for this -- honest .. you could 
hear him breathing so we had to plug him up lol ... its not always a glam lifestyle ya   know !

In the Parlour ..

The Parlour is where the singing took place .
I was singing my new song " Thats Life"

In full action here , must have been belting it out ..

Like i said - i get on really well with Ansley !!

Thats all for today folks !