Saturday, 5 November 2011

Oh my giddy aunt ! its far too cold to busk !

I don't know what its like for busking where you live , but busking in Leeds is real big ... lots of singers / muscians have been spotted in Leeds and signed up - just because of busking . So its a fairly in thing to do here .
So one cold , wet and very miserable morning , Phil , Nay , Katy and myself went busking
We took it mostly in turns as it was just so cold ..
I have'nt the pics yet but we had a few joiner iners ! An old guy was stood outside Sainsbury's with a Uke and joined in with us ... A guy on his lunch break ( he was a musician ) from one of the shops joined in on the bongos ! It was cold but fun day !
Heres some piccies ,Phil had to shoot off early so no piccies of him !
Me ( ofcourse !)

(Links are for facebook )
Katy Haymer and Nay Harrison

Us lot !
We sang and waved to the passengers on the busses that had stopped .
We were cold , hungry and in well need of a warm drink, so then went across the road
to the Jam Cafe in Headingley and defrosted to then go on to do some
jamming on a internet live stream !
Busy day !

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