Monday, 28 January 2013

BBC Introducing !

As you can see - i went to the BBC ! Saturday night a week ago I was on BBC  Radio West Yorkshire Introducing doing a live set on the Alan Raw Introducing show - boy was i excited !!  and nervous - it was after all live and its a big deal to get on the Introducing show live sets , I was a very happy bunny !

Ansley ( my guitarist ) as usual doing his usual faces ! This was just in the reception bit .

About to go live - oh my look at my face - it looks like thunder !

 Going live folks !

                                       Ansley , Me and the fab Mr Alan Raw ,
               I  was rather was tempted to nick his suitcase on the side - it was really cool !
Well we talked about music , my aspergers and my album - which is being recorded across the road from the BBC at Leeds Collage of Music . I sang 2 songs - "Open the door " and "frontline" the third track was a recording of Nothing Compares with You we did it in a reggae folk style .I have to say Alan Raw was super nice , I shall put the recording of it up on soundcloud this week sometime ,I was really pleased with it.  I got some really good feedback and some emails from fans too ! What an ace week !

I'm mega excited about the album ,all guitar now has been recorded , the lead vocals  I did during the week and now its the harmonizing vocal I need to do . After that, piano , strings , bass and drums - woooooooooo hoooooo !

 Speak soon folks !

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