Saturday, 11 February 2012

Radio Poplar "live" session and podcast !

 Georgette Hilton , Jon and Kris Radio Poplar.

Last week I was the guest for the Almost Famous show at Radio Poplar . I have to say i had an absolute scream - i think everyone did . The presenters Jon and Kris were real funny and probably asked me 
the most random questions i've ever been asked ! 

Just answering a few here ..

 ah i know the answer to that one !

Apparently i was rather funny with the answers and one of the trustees of the radio was there ,
he was in stitches at some of my answers .

Bill Rowe - one of the Radios Trustees.
Poor guy - i hope he recovers !

The show was "live" on air - i do like them ones ! and also was doing a live podcast at the same time .
I took Ansley my guitarist and Jack Barker who takes my photographs - we always have a good laugh.

 I'm singing to the podcast camera here . 

I think im singing one of my new songs here "Chained Love "

The Radio show also has the Chilli Jam Challenge where by you have to eat and survive as long as 
you can with the very hot Ginja Ninja Chilli Jam 
My mum took the challenge and beat Jon the presenter at his own game !
 Jons face just got redder and redder ! It was wicked ! 
thanks to all at Radio Poplar - great night guys !

 There is now a new group for my " Leeds Leeds Leeds " Gary Speed Charity single ,
Please join to keep upto date with news and the release date - dont forget to turn email notifications off as 
its a busy group and you will get loads ! ( look top right on the FB page - settings)

For some of my own original music theres a playlist 
here.!/pages/Georgette-Hilton/102655493187909 Georgette Hilton singer / songwriter ...

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