Friday, 11 January 2013

Its been too long !

 Judging by the date of the last post its been over a year since I've blogged - well no more ! My new years resolution is to keep you up to date with all the gossip !

The last year has been more than exciting - so much so that i couldn't possibly put it all in one post . I've done countless gigs / festivals and live interviews and sessions for loads of radio stations released an E.P Age of Innocence - (available on itunes )   which has had some radio play too ! .Since my first ever proper public performance  in October 2011 at the open Mic uk , I've worked incredibly hard  . I still have Ansley play guitar for me at the bigger gigs but I'm mostly playing now myself .I've learned so much about gigging , setting up equipment , sound  and the importance of social media when your trying to get more exposure . Twitter is brill - i get to see all the upcoming festivals before they get advertised , which gives me a great heads up on things. One of the best things is all the friends , fans and contacts you make along the way .

Things have moved pretty fast this last year - i've done loads of songwriting and  I am now recording my first album - not sure what its called yet , haven't come up with a name for it - I'm sure when its finished I'll be inspired to name it !.Well I'll have to really !

You Gotta love busking !

 Me busking in the 100 buskers flash mob - Briggate Leeds
Well i totally love busking ! Its a great way of getting exposure , fans and more gigs and of course the extra money that goes into the guitar case helps pay for any equipment you may need to get and traveling around to gigs is actually really expensive, I don't drive so its a taxi (due to all the equipment ) or a friend of my mums takes me.

. The above photo is me on Briggate Leeds taking part in a charity 100 buskers - this was mental fun ! 100 buskers unplugged lined Briggate in Leeds ( a very long street) and busking for an hour - it was unreal and a great experience.

I've been busking a number of times in Leeds and its been real fun.. If your a singer /musician starting up its a great way to get confidence. My step -dad bought me a roland street cube  amp and its perfect for busking with , not a bad sound , can go really loud , works on batteries too. Theres really too many effects for my needs but i can see it being great for electric guitars . (you can hear what it sounds like on the video below )

I was really surprised how much people actually like hearing my originals and not just covers. I've had a few gigs offered based on playing my originals , its nice to know that people don't just want to hear covers .

This is me busking one of my songs that i wrote that is often a popular one  and a bit different to my normal songwriting....I was inspired to write this after seeing all the war new on the T.V, i began to think how their girlfriends /wife/ loved ones must feel when they go off to fight ... its a love song really.

.Oh this is my new youtube channel , would love you to comment /subscribe to it .- Its great to connect with people.
It was a really really cold day , and i tell ya i really wished i'd worn thermals !

Well ive got a few gigs lined up for January and  February , but not as many as usual as  im recording for my album over the next few months.In fact i spent yesterday in the studio with Ansley getting the final guitar tracks down. If you fancy coming to one of my gigs - please checkout my facebook - were my gigs get updated.or feel free to email me !

speak soon - Georgette x

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