Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Alittle taster of whats on my new E.P ( this post will remain at the top)

This post will remain at the top - please scroll down for newer posts .

Heres just alittle taster of whats on my new E.P comming out soon ... i'l do a post on the recording studio day as soon as i get some piccies ...

Theres 4 tracks on the E.P heres just a sample of 2 of them ... still in its mixing stage !

hope you like and if ya do , please leave a comment - its lonely here ya know ! haha !
ohhhh just a thought if your wanting to be put down for a copy of my new E.P please bob me a
message or message me on facebook here
click on the why / nobody knows sample to play the track x


  1. Absolutely amazing, your voice is a true gift!

  2. Really like these two, sound fantastic! I'll be buying the EP when it comes out. Great job.

  3. wow what a stunning voice and a beautiful song...wishing you all the luck in the world for the upcoming competition

  4. Beautiful....wish you all the best on your journey

  5. Oh WOW! I just arrived here from your mum's blog, and I've listened to your songs...Wow! You have a beautiful voice, and I love your songs! I will definitly buy your EP if it ever comes out in Norway ;)
    Good luck on your career!
    Hugs, Lena Katrine - paper crafter in Norway