Friday, 28 October 2011

Cloth Cat !

Well guys from 16 to 22 i had'nt done any music - spent life going to collage and working and living away from home - at 20 i came back to leeds and at 22 started doing a music project in leeds ..

While doing this i met Mike Jolly from Cloth Cat who invited me down to thier Open Mic Night and to have a look at some of the courses they run . Cloth Cat is a fantastic scheme run in leeds that helps anyone who wants to get involved in music and provides the facilities for this - Mike is really enthusastic and really supportive .

Well i got up a few times at thier Open Mic night and got a real buzz from the listeners clapping . Evenually i asked Mike if he could find someone to play guitar for me on a few songs .. and he did
Graham Young - a jazz guitarist helped me out on a few numbers and i could feel my confidence lifting !!!

Well , Graham could only do a few numbers so i decided that if i really wanted to carry on with this i really can't rely on other people i needed to learn guitar !!

So i ended up on the Cloth Cat guitar course - you can find out about all thier courses HERE .
Well i did the beginners course and the group performed at The Chemic Tavern cloth cat open Mic Night !

I made some great friends on the course and i also met
Ansley ( the guy in red with beard ) who was our fantastic
guitar teacher and has had a major part in my songwriting and singing
as you will find out in a later post !

I eventually bought a better guitar , my other one someone very kindly
gave from church .This picture is of my mum and me at cloth cat open mic .

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